What a busy year so far!

We have been very busy here at Top Gun Shepherds. We have re-homed our retired gals (Capri, Escape and Athena) to their forever homes and even made some note worthy donated young adult dogs as well for the purpose of becoming service dogs for our veterans. Our pups here at Top Gun Shepherds are very versatile. They have the temperament, focus and intelligence to be trained for service dogs as well as family protection or companion pets. Whatever your needs are the way we breed here at Top Gun Shepherds we are confident we can meet them. If you know this site well you will see that most of “Our Dogs” are new with the exception of Faustor (Sam). He is our number one stud and will be until he can’t. (LOL) We have a new stud that is owned by my daughter Sarah Stoltzfus Arrington. His name is Ryker but we call him Remmy. He is one of our own pups that we held back from a great litter between Frankie Vom Kaiser Schloss and Wenzel Von Der Edelquelle. Remmy has just received his BH in Schutzhund and will be continuing his training this year to receive his IPO 1 when he is proficient and ready for the test. He was just bred to our Quintella and we are excited to see what they produce. There is already quite a waiting list for these pups. I truly feel blessed to have my pups placed with wonderful people who love them and appreciate them. Keeping in touch with them makes all my efforts worth while. I get pictures of the grown pups in their family setting or sometimes in their working setting. It’s also great to see them when they come back to the Top Gun Shepherds Kennel for boarding. I’m always amazed at what these pups have accomplished with training since they were pups that left me.