My name is Peggy Stoltzfus. I am the owner of Top Gun Shepherds. I am going to tell you a little bit about how Top Gun Shepherds evolved. I started out having an occasional litter back in 2004 with my family pet Liberty. She is a purebred German Shepherd that I bought from a hobby breeder in Culpepper, Virginia. Liberty, or Libby as we call her, in my eyes is a gorgeous black and red pup. The parents were on the premises when we went to buy her. They were friendly yet stand-offish and looked like good looking German Shepherds to me. I blindly purchased a German Shepherd not knowing pedigree, genetics or even temperament of this pup. I got lucky. She grew to be a good protector and family pet, genetics aside, because I have to say, I knew nothing about genetics. When she was three years old, strong and beautiful, we decided to breed her. Puppies would be fun to have, right?? Everyone loves puppies! So I started my search for a stud, still not knowing about the genetics that come into play. I paid the fee and drove the distance two or three times in a week and it didn’t take. Yep, all we had paid for was a horrible case of fleas. At that point, I decided to purchase a male pup and try to have my own litters.

In December of 2011, I imported from Germany a titled male, named Faustor Van Noort, aka Sam, so I could have my own stud. Sam is a schutzhund III, Kkl1 lbz. He was born on April 26, 2008. He is a beautiful black and red showline shepherd. He has an impressive pedigree starting with his dad, the famous Tyson Vom Kottersbusch. Sam has a wonderful temperament that is present in his pups.

Our home and kennel is located on five acres in Fairfax Station, Virginia, where we continue to grow our canine family and provide top-notch German Shepherds to good homes.  
Participant of AKC -Breed with H.E.A.R.T. Program
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