This is definitely a MUST READ if you are looking for a new pup!


JUST RELEASED: 100 Of The Worst Puppy Mills In The United States


Please consider one important thing. If you purchase a pup without seeing it first and seeing where it came from and without getting to know the breeder, you do not know anything about the pup. What you do know is that the breeder doesn’t care about who buys their pups and that money is the driving factor. There should always be a good relationship between puppy buyer and breeder and this relationship should last for the lifetime of the dog. As a breeder I am available to the new owner for the life of the puppy. To me there is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than to see pictures of my pups throughout their lives and to keep in contact with their owners.

Dog Parks-Please read.

This is one of the better and more matter of fact articles regarding dog parks. Please remember that dog parks have a high level of excitement that can turn into a fight within a split second. Not all dogs are dog park worthy. I know most of mine are not and that’s why I don’t go. The other reason is I don’t want them around other dogs. They don’t need to play with other dogs. They need to play with me. I am their pack leader. They do however need to know how to behave around other dogs by pretty much ignoring them. They need to know that aggression towards other dogs is not acceptable.